In 1999, once accomplished his danse’s studies at the Montpellier Choreographic National Center with Mathilde Monnier, Philippe Chéhère creates his first choreographic trio entitled I.Médiatic.

In 2000, he worked with Ted Stoffer (american choreographer from Ballet C de la B), with whom he collaborates for the creation of I Enigma. The particularity of the creation process, based on workshops, lies in the encounter between dancers and persons which ways to communicate with their environment are complex, such as autism, aphasia, trisomy 21, anorexia, bulimia, sexually abused children.

In 2001, he choreographs one solo : Du bleu puisé en vous.

He worked as a performer with Felix Ruckert, Christian and François Ben Aim, Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh.

During a trip in Japan, the same year, he discovers Buto dance. Back in France, he deepens this experience, with several training courses and performances.

Today he questions the practise  of dance in other contexts suchas dance in situ, urban art body, architecture, public space, the medical spheres…

Initiator of HD project - the Kachashi company dance workshops in hospitals, for people suffering from Huntington Disease (HD) - he collaborates with Julie Salgues, since 2003, and organized some performances in situ - urban art in Hospital.

Inspired by this experience, Philippe Chéhère goes back in Japan in 2004 to work on what could be considered as the second stage of the HD project : La Danse des Grues, (2004) supported by Sasakawa fundation and Japan Huntington Disease Network and and the Montpellier Choreographic National Center. The workshop’s principle is similar to France but the experience - the meeting between dance and ill persons – appears to be even more profound. It gets the collaboration of japanese Buto dancers. (Tokyo, Osaka).

Buto artists had explore the transcription of the expression « a body in crisis », therefore it is particulary interesting to invite them to meet people concerned by Huntington disease (HD), as people affected by HD are precisely loosing their body control. Through this experience, is also created a new dimension between western contemporary dance and japanese Buto tradition.

In 2005, new performances are held in Paris with Huntington Disease patients and their relatives : it gives Dansomanies, and later on Le Chahut in 2009, supported by Micadanses Center and Mairie de Paris.

Since 2009, he give workshops for one research “Dance in hospital” in collaboration with Paris VIII University – Dance Dept.

In 2009-2010, he benefits from a residency in Atelier de Paris of Carolyn Carlson and creates Persévération  au dessus des nuages.

Following, in Japan in April 2010, Chantiers poétiques in progress consists in workshops, lectures and performances multidisciplinary held at Yamagata University (T.U.A.D) - with the contribution of Shigeya Mori and the support of artists like Tatsuo Miyajima - and at Tokyo Mot Museum – which gathers Fine Art students, dancers, visual arts and disease community, and visitors of people together. This project consisted in a sensory and choreographic exploration of Japanese heritage’s space and history between Dance in situ and Traditionnal Dance and art. With the support of Japan Huntington Disease Network and the Sasakawa Fundation, MOT Museum Tokyo, TUAD university Yamagata.

In 2011, he participed to Collectif with Aime Association.

In 2012, he collabored with Julie Desprairies, performance Paris à l’infini, Paris- Nuit Blanche.